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be humble. hustle hard. have fun. get it done.


why I do

I love to play and experiment. Being a designer today is all about pushing the limits of current capabilities while learning from your mistakes along the way. I love being an advocate for the end user and creating something that gets results.

Russell Brown
Russell Brown

Senior Designer

Senior Designer with over a decade of experience, who thinks like a generalist and delivers like a specialist. I value getting work done and meeting deadlines, but am also comfortable rolling a chair over to assist and/or collaborate on projects. I am a creative professional who recognizes that no task is too big or too small, thriving on team problem solving or heads down focus when necessary.

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what I do

Ultimately I am passionate about solving problems and providing solutions that are simple and effective.

user experience

Move end users through the funnel with as little thought as possible. Make it easy, make it simple, and listen to feedback.

graphic design

I love the puzzle of design putting form to content to make it pleasant and appealing for the customer.

video and photography

Nothing drives an emotional response more than a good story. Utlizing photography and video is a great way to captivate an audience.


The narrative with customers have changed and brands must now truely tell their story and listen to their customers or their customers will drive the narrative.


Leaders are not served, but serve others to ensure team success. I am an advocate to make sure relationships are strong and communication stays open.

card shark

I do not want to brag... but I can hold my own at a game of rummy. I like to win, but I mainly appreciate good old fashioned competition.

some of my favorite work

I stress over what to put here that is supposed to define me as a designer. Honestly, what makes me a designer are the small things that I do day-to-day to move a company forward. I value the relationships I build with co-workers, partners, and vendors to keep things running smoothly. What I desire to define me is a legacy as a humble hardworker, who will get things done, but has fun with his team in the process.

connect with me

I enjoy interacting with people and exchanging ideas. If you would like to say hello, I would love to sit down and talk about the prospect of us working together.

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