Russell Brown

Through my unique experiences, I combine a solid understanding of business, sales, marketing, and technical knowledge to build bridges across teams and deliver great products. I am a versatile and creative marketing professional with extensive experience in empathically learning the needs of stakeholders, users, and customers to map a product vision that delights and delivers value.

I find fulfillment working on a diverse team to create meaningful experiences, where I can focus on solving customer experience challenges that drive revenue. Being Relationship Driven is of the utmost importance to me, getting to know the person not only internally on my team, but in external partnerships and with customers where possible.

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Figma FigJam Board of Advisors

Figma FigJam
Board of Advisors

Jan 2023 - present

Hello, I'm

Russell Brown

Product Manager

Cincinnati, Ohio

Design Thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation focuses on the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.
- Tim Brown 1

Work Experience

Camping World Holdings

Chicago, IL & Bowling Green, KY (Remote)

Product Manager | Dec 2022 - Present

Lead the product vision alongside an amazing team of talented administrators and developers by working with executives and stakeholders to align stakeholder requests with business vision and ensure that the total body of work is scaleable, provides value, and plays well in our ecosystem. Serve the company by building relationships with stakeholders to understand business needs and deliver best-in-class user experience for users and end-customers.

  • Meet with Executives in all major lines of business to provide a product roadmap for CRM Team, focusing tightly on quarter out and forecasting throughout the year.
    • Working with DevTeam leads to high-level scope size and effort to map out estimated effort based on forecasted team velocity and ensure that Technical Debt and System maintenance was not only considered but prioritized.
    • Responsible for leading the team through a prioritization exercise to gain team knowledge and insight to ensure that the lightest efforts that delivered the highest value were the highest priority.
    • Coordinate with other cross-functional IT teams to ensure alignment for projects with dependencies to ensure all required groups collaboratively work efforts.
  • Created Executive and Stakeholder Communication Plan to effectively communicate release notes, emergency deployments, and upcoming efforts, prioritizing value delivered in fewer words by business unit to provide clarity.
    • Leveraged Jira and Confluence Automation to create more in-depth Release Notes and required documentation.
    • Created a branded Email template in coordination with Senior Technical Writer to collaborate and ensure work aligned with the Technical Writing Team's vision. (link to mock-up).
    • Built an automated report for Change Advisory Board in between Jira and Confluence to show all field and process changes that might impact other teams down the line to reduce the risk of breakage and bugs.
  • Enacted day one changes in role to reduce friction and remove entry barriers for requests by reducing questions on the intake form and building off gained business knowledge and relationships with stakeholders.
    • Worked with PMO Team to ensure Jira workflow and fields better aligned with organizational reporting needs and removed non-required fields to clarify projects and initiatives.
    • Coordinate and lead story mapping and architecture mapping, gather requirements to see stakeholders' visions and goals, and ensure the team delivers a minimum viable product on time.
      • Lead stakeholders to understand the why and business needs of the request rather than the solution in the request.
      • Leverage direct relationships and communication plan to communicate timeline to stakeholders if team demands altered stakeholder timelines.
  • Meet with and work alongside third-party vendors to build integrations when needed.
    • Gather requirements and documentation, and break down requirements with DevLead to ensure that DevTeam has the required information before starting any work.
    • Push stakeholders and vendors to ensure business needs to ensure that connections played nicely together depending on data flow requirements.
  • Other notable projects
    • Rollout of new Warranty product using Omni-Channel and Skills Based Routing
    • Community Portal Enhancements
      • Ability for users to change email address
      • Ability for users to upload and store currently owned assets for gamification, tracking, and marketing incentives
      • Replacement of Enterprise Preference Management Center
      • Automation of User Provisioning and Permissions
      • Restructuring of Dealerships to support multiple lines of business at one location and better data management of personnel and other required data

Enterprise Product Owner | Aug 2022 - Dec 2022

Promoted to sole Product Owner for the CRM Team at Camping World, supporting Sales, Service, Support, Marketing, Data, Architecture, Retention, and Digital Team efforts, as the CRM is the primary tool for data and employee engagement with the customer.

Sales & Marketing Product Owner | Feb 2022 - Aug 2022

Responsible for owning Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud for Marketing (integration with Marketing Cloud), Sales, Data, Service, Finance, Retail, and Enterprise (Cross-Team) Projects.

  • Subject matter expert in lead processing for Sales, Service, Warranty, Performance, Design, and Campground bookings.
    • Actively still driving to align a standard workflow for all teams to improve reporting and to leverage processes to give better support and reporting.
    • Creation of a cross-functional support team with live active reporting and notifications for IT to troubleshoot issues in real-time ahead of business seeing issues.
    • Working on the creation of business-friendly tools in lead routing, tracking, and marketing efforts to remove the need for IT involvement and provide greater flexibility.
    • Led the Design and Architecture for the Finance and Warranty's Rehash Program.
      • Provided automation and integration between systems to keep the team working in one interface in place of the multiple systems and excel sheets previously used.
      • Re-architected data for Finance and Insurance's Rehash program to better understand lenders' responses to customers with unique financing conditions with the next step goal of implementing AI logic to recommend the best available lender to secure loans for customers.
      • Built reports and dashboards to support individual specialists' work, scorecards for a quick monthly scoring of lending efforts, and manager views to drive spiff payouts and healthy competition among the team.
    • Designed and actively integration of Legal Team's integration with Salesforce Cases to automate information, create legal matters, and gain insight on KPIs for Executive Team.
      • Worked to create compliant work around to ensure data was securely housed and accessible
    • Led reboot of 2023 Privacy changes for Delete, Access, and other Consumer/Employee Data management needs.
      • Re-worked current process to be scalable for future legal changes and internal program changes.
      • Created automation to ensure timelines were meant properly and were not reliant on human interaction where it did not need to be.
      • Worked in coordination for an end of year deployment with multiple of teams to meet legal deadlines.
    • Meet regularly with Enterprise Steer Committee to understand Enterprise goals and priorities.
    • Coordinate Kazan meetings with stakeholders and users to focus on pain points and requirements so that we can deliver solutions that deliver a top-notch experience and keep our team working efficiently.
    • Contributor on the enterprise Architecture team, ensuring that all integrations and API connections are secure and meet company standards.
    • Other notable projects
      • Loyalty Program
      • Used Purchase RV Valuator Enhancements
      • Reserve an RV inventory hold for
      • Contact De-duplication and Matching

Western & Southern Financial Group

Cincinnati, Ohio

Product Owner | Jul 2020 - Jan 2022

Leading integration in a multi-million dollar project of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with CRM, Portals, and Public Web working with back-end teams to import and leverage data to deliver personalized and dynamic omni-channel solutions for marketing support teams and empower the sales desk to benefit in B2B/B2C campaigns.

  • Champion the product direction and vision during product planning and throughout the life of the project.
  • Dive into the current state and perform market trend analysis to prioritize a product roadmap to realize ROI of the associated technology investments.
  • Collaborate with business subject experts to understand the “why” behind the asks.
  • Provide recommended enhancements to the business, as well conduct and measure test and learn stories to gauge the probable value.
  • Define product vision and roadmap for marketing and how it integrates with Enterprise Engagement Platform.
  • Create Agile project, features epics, and work items aligned with product backlog.
  • Create clear and concise acceptance criteria for user stories in the backlog.
  • Collaborating with internal business and technical teams to consolidate processes, drive efficiencies, and improve customer experiences.
  • Driving operational readiness by engaging OCM and training to ensure impacted groups are included, informed, and excited for change.
  • Act as the go-to-person for answering questions the team has about business rules and product behaviors.
  • Communicate team deliverables and sprint outcomes to stakeholders and executive leadership team.
  • Lead and facilitate short-term and long-range grooming sessions with the development team.
  • Create KPIs and reports to track success for the creation of campaigns and delivered functionality.
  • Partner with other agile teams and back-end teams to deliver integrated, data-driven solutions.
  • Act as Marketing Cloud administrator and developer when needed to assist in solving business needs as they arise.
  • Understand and abide by legal/compliance guidelines to safely handle customer data (i.g. HIPPA, PII, etc).

Web Designer (Email Specialist) | Jan 2018 - Jul 2020

Excelled as a creative "out-of-the-box" thinker in a traditional environment, partnering with the business to challenge the status quo and provide measurable solutions to reach clients both B2B and B2C. On lead team for the set-up of Marketing Cloud 2.0 and merger from 1.0 over a decade of use.

  • Create and maintain design system for enterprise websites.
  • Followed enterprise standards documentation for the digital design process and accessibility compliance.
  • Agile continuous improvement to digital products to enhance user experience.
  • Develop and design responsive websites, marketing templates/emails, and social media content.
  • Leveraged SQL and Marketing Cloud reporting tools to report back to the business on success and other requested needs.
  • Partnered with IT to pull lists and create Data Extensions to meet segmentation needs of campaigns.
  • Suggested and conducted A/B tests to better understand customer engagement with enterprise.
  • Produced and edited videos and animated shorts.

Road ID

Covington, Kentucky

Senior Designer | Sep 2013 - Jan 2018

Hired as lead creative at a scrappy international eCommerce start-up to head creative efforts for the business, marketing, and IT, handling digital, print, video, and user experience duties. A go-to leader in the company with a "get it done" attitude looked to for problem-solving and team collaboration.

  • Took user stories and created wires for development.
  • Problem solved requirements with system limitations for timely execution of projects.
  • Created landing pages utilizing Bootstrap framework paired coding with developers when needed for enhanced features and back end integration.
  • Lead daily marketing stand-up, creative brainstorms, and weekly marketing team meetings.
  • Managed Email Marketing Efforts both data and design.
    • Segmented and managed customer database for various campaigns.
    • Oversaw list growth from 1.2 million customers to over 2 million.
    • Managed integration with third-party partners for co-branded campaigns.
  • Responsible for the design of all packaging, partnered with vendors, and conducted user testing to enhance the experience.
  • Created content for Google Adwords, Facebook, and other social platforms.
  • Owned presence on Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces.
  • Liaison to creative agencies and managed contract designers.
  • Managed marketing, transactional, and other triggered email conversations.
  • Tracked and reported data of A/B tests, open rates, read rates, clicks, and revenue for emails.
  • Created and managed photography and video.

Crossroads Church

Newnan, Georgia

Art Director | 2008 - 2013

Managed and developed web presence for church and church-sponsored ministries utilizing Wordpress and other CMS platforms. Responsible for an in-house print shop that printed all church needs on a weekly basis while also. Produced all video needs utilizing live interviews and created motion graphics for promotion and weekend uses. Directed volunteer base of creatives and other workers that were needed to ensure timely delivery of content. Coordinated production set design that changed monthly from series to series and generated environmental design of new building launch. Managed and oversaw social media advertising.

Ridgecrest Baptist Church

Dothan, Alabama

Director of Communications | 2005 - 2008

Lead all advertising and specialized marketing initiatives, week-to-week communication efforts, and apparel. Worked with print shop and vendors for print and signage needs. Managed social media advertising (before it was cool). Managed web presence for church and church-sponsored ministries utilizing WordPress and other CMS platforms. Built-up a volunteer base of creatives and other workers that were needed to ensure timely delivery of content, as well, oversaw production of weekend services ensuring sound engineers, lighting technicians, videographers, and other personnel were trained and cared for.

The Baptist College of Florida

Graceville, Florida

Lead Graphic Designer and Photographer | 2003 - 2006

Accountable for all internal and external advertising for college; partnered with campus organizations to provide advertising to students for activities. Developed a new logo and brand that is still in use today. Responsible for layout, design, and delivery of files to the vendor of quarterly alumni magazine 'Echoes.' As the campus photographer responsible for documenting all campus events and student photo shoots while managing photography library and archive.

“The true price of leadership is the willingness to place the needs of others above your own. Great leaders truly care about those they are privileged to lead and understand that the true cost of the leadership privilege comes at the expense of self-interest.”
― Simon Sinek 2


SQL | AMPScript | HTML/CSS | Accessibility Design | Responsive Design | User Experience Design | Design Thinking | Marketing Automation | User Story Road mapping | Public Speaking | Conflict Resolution | Change Management | User Testing | Collaborative Brainstorming


Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Email Studio, Automation Studio, Audience Builder, Mobile Studio, Einstein, Administration ) | Salesforce Lightening (Reporting, Distributed Marketing)| Google Analytics | Adobe Creative Cloud | HootSuite | Adobe Scene 7 | SharePoint | Microsoft Office | Jira | Microsoft TFS | Facebook Business Suite

“Empower and motivate people to get them to their best work and meaningfully measure progress."
- Marty Cagan 3

Russell Brown

Russell Brown

Marketing Product Owner

Cincinnati Metro

“A growth hacker is someone who has thrown out the playbook of traditional marketing and replaced it with only what is testable, trackable, and scalable. Their tools are e-mails, pay-per-click ads, blogs, and platform APIs instead of commercials, publicity, and money.”
- Ryan Holiday 4